Nikon Z 6II Review

Nikon Z 6II Review

Nikon Z 6II Review

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Taking Mirrorless to a New Level

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The newest Nikon Z 6II mirrorless Camera from Nikon flaunts an awe-inspiring set of specifications that should make any VLOG photographer happy and the sports or wildlife photographer. The big question is should you upgrade from your current DSLR/Mirrorless or wait for a price drops? Starting at $1999.00, this camera is fairly affordable and is priced competitively.

American Crow

American Crow

Nikon 500mm PF /5.6 lens
What are the impressive aspects of the Nikon Z 6II mirrorless camera:

  • DUAL processors maximize performance across the board—two EXPEED 6 processing engines. The processors work together for faster image processing, more buffering capacity, and more overall speed.
  • Dual Card Slots to finally shut up the whiners. One slot accepts CFexpress (Type B) and also XQD cards. The other slot accepts standard SD cards. If you use a Nikon Z6 or Z7, currently you already have CF or XQD cards at hand, and you probably have a few SD Cards as well.
  • Vertical Grip, you know, the one that was missing with the Nikon Z6.  The MB-N11, pro-level grip for the  Nikon Z 6II for professionals who need maximum vertical shooting controls—shutter release, command dials, Fn button, and more—while landscape, sports, wedding, and nature photographers will love a 1.9x increase in battery performance.
  • Faster, More Precise Focus across the board. With the dual CPU, you get faster autofocus using a 273 single-point Hybrid AF system with improvements to low light performance, new Eye-Detection AF options, and easier selecting of AF modes.
  • Improved low light capabilities. Can focus using half the available light as its predecessor.
  • Improved Autofocus Coverage area - 90% of the viewfinder is covered.
  • Improved Tracking and Eye Detection.  You now have the ability to set boundaries on your subject in stills and video.
  • Improved buffering over 3 times improved
  • 4k in 60fps
  • Update the Nikon Z 6II’s firmware with the SnapBridge app from your smartphone

In addition to the incredible feature set of the Nikon Z6, and now with the added features for the Nikon Z 6II as listed above make for a very compelling reason to upgrade.

Great Blue Heron calling out

Great Blue Heron calling out

The image was taken with Nikon 500mm f/5,6 PF ED VR lens with a 1.4 TC (700mm)
How does the Nikon Z 6II perform in the field: Excellent. I was very pleased with how responsive the camera is, and the focus acquisition is nearly perfect. I easily acquired focus in situations where birds are in flight and get off a few tack sharp images using the wide-area small focusing mode. I also tried out the new animal tracking, and it works very well. The images of the Great Blue Heron was captured using this mode.

Overall, Nikon Z 6II is a killer mirrorless camera and well worth a look and consideration when shopping for your next camera + Nikon is offering a trade-in for your old camera. If you are a Video photographer and do stills, I would jump into the newer Nikon Z 6 II. The Nikon Z 6II has superior performance and will enrich your shooting experience.

Would I purchase this camera again? Yes, without hesitation.

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