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Nikon D5, D500 & D850 - Nikon’s Magic Cameras

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Next In the Nikon DSLR Releases: Wow what a year. The D850 sold out before it was even released and the reviews are 100% positive across the board, just like the D5 and D500 - exceptional engineering, technology, and quality!

NIKON D850 Update: Apr 2017 - The Nikon D850 will mark the end of the 8 series, a great series! If you have been with Nikon for any length of time, each line will eventually end leaving behind the NEW generation, of enhancements and technology advancements.  The D800 line was an inspiration for many photographers and Nikon made great headway in maintaining their leadership. Nikon provided photographers the best gear available across the spectrum - lens, accessories or otherwise with excellent backward compatibility to the older lens and camera body. Nikon's leadership and customer service have inspired all of us.

Next up, will be the new hybrid mirrorless generation, the Nikon D900. Nikon's first full frame mirror-less DSLR. I have inside rumors this will center around a 36 MP sensor. Nikon's approach to moving full-frame DSLR to mirrorless is a hybrid solution that allows you to flip up the mirror and go to an electronic viewfinder mode.  By 2020 Nikon will have improved electronics to reduce lag and increase acceptance of FX mirrorless cameras, while Sony is their biggest competitor., just remember Nikon has a tremendous range of lenses.

The Current State of Affairs: Way to Go Nikon !!

Concerning the D500, It is a rocking DX camera, nothing better in a DX body - period.

Both the D5 and D500 share many features and specifications, here is a quick snip-it of D500 features:

  • 20.9MP DX-format CMOS sensor
  • EXPEED 5 image processor
  • Multi-CAM 20K Autofocus sensor
  • 153/99 AF points
  • ISO range of 100-51,200 expandable to Lo 1 and Hi 5 (50 – 1,640,000 equivalent)
  • Built-in SnapBridge (Wi-Fi® + Bluetooth)
  • 4K UHD video
  • Dual card slots - XQD and SD media

 Speed and Technology: Nikon claims the camera will shoot at a quick 10 FPS with a huge buffer, if this is true it will move this fine camera right to the top must have DX camera bodies – Great for sports, action and of course – bird photography. Also, very good news is the inclusion of Nikon’s new SnapBridge. With this, the Nikon D500 now out of the box offers a slick way to share photos wirelessly using Nikon SnapBridge. A lot of people ask for this feature for their “instant” social media life. SnapBridge uses Bluetooth2 to connect your camera and modern smart device. The automation of uploading your images via “snap”. If you enable this feature on the camera, it will be available for quick transfers of your images – without having to re-connect. We can also now tag images for transfer in camera and protect the connection from prying eyes. If you have a Near Field Communications device, you may also benefit from the ability to easily connect the camera to your device with just a tap – Awesome.

Auto Focus Anyone: With 153 points across a much larger frame = spectacular accuracy and speed and couple this with the –4 EV sensor sensitivity you have one super camera and as mentioned perfect for my wildlife.

Build Almost Like a Tank: Although super tough it does not match the inner build quality of the D5 – but who cares, this is not a 7K camera. The D500 has a composite build using magnesium alloy for the top and rear and carbon fiber in other areas as reinforcement. I don’t think anyone will really need to worry about how well it will stand up. If you have been a Nikon user from way back – you know Nikon means business in the build quality. Also to note is the full weather sealing in and around all buttons, knows and LCD screen, this obviously is important – cause life moves on regardless of the weather.

Articulation & Touch: I love this – the rear LCD articulates – Finally! I love this feature for Macro work, when the camera is at a low angle I no longer need to belly flop to look through the viewfinder + don’t forget that smart device can control the shutter and view the image! While at the CES early this year I was able to handle the D500 and found the touch screen very useful and I look forward to this. I don’t mind using the jog wheel on my other cameras, but having something that is now standard fare is finally available on the back of the camera. Not sure why it has taken this long.

The Look Through WOW – the best viewfinder to date in a DX body. With a 1x magnification this will ensure the user has all the details right at the eye to better see what you're focusing.

Video 4K: Nikon got some grief initially from the D5 lookers when the camera only supported 3 minutes of 4k – but as I suspected Nikon has already released a firmware update to push the recordings to 30 minutes. The D5OO also supports 30minutes per session of 4K video shooting. I am not a big user of DSLR video myself, but the camera also supports HDMI out, full 1080P, zebra, and d-lighting to help control highlights. Overall the video features take it up a couple of notches.

I ordered mine as soon as it was available for Pre-Order – Just found out the expected delivery date is now pushed to late April, oh well.

One would ask an obvious question – how can the D500 share so many D5 features and be three times less expensive? The D5 has a larger FX sensor, 2 FPS faster, and the ISO coverage? Makes me wonder.

If you have not see the video here it is:

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