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Gitzo GH3750QR Review

Solid Slipper

This review starts with the purchase of the Gitzo GH3750QR which was to be mounted on a Gitzo Explorer tripod which I was doing a combination buy from BandH Photo.  I was excited and broke all at the same time, this was not a cheap system but I feel using the lightest most sturdy platform for my camera was worth the price since I was going to lug it around during the hot humid summer, the units together was over $800.00. So, with such a large outlay of cash for a tripod and head system, you can imagine I was expecting the best of the best. What I got was not and I became terribly disappointed with the Gitzo GH3750QR  head with quick release. The Gitzo head itself works fine but the cheesy quick release was it’s Achilles heel.  When mounting a camera to the quick release no matter how tight you screwed it to your camera it would not hold the weight of a professional DSLR and lens; My combination was 5 pounds.  What I mean by not holding? When turning the head to Portrait view, the camera would slowly slide downward twisting the rubber, the cheap rubber and glue used by Gitzo on the quick release was pure crap. Other users complained about this issue. I found out the hard way – in the field, which prevented me from doing shots in Portrait view unless your fast of course.   Gitzo rates the head for 17+ pounds, so my frustration at such a poor quality head was now focused at never buying another Gitzo product again.  This major flaw should have been obvious and caught by Gitzo in a quality check before releasing to the public and having people like me talk trash about it, but after laying out $250.00 for the head + shipping I have the right to speak the truth for what it is – Poor Quality Control.

You can read what I replace this crap pile with the link below.

Before I end the review, I would like to mention some of the good points about the Gitzo head.  Speaking of the Head Only, It is Solid lightweight magnesium with 2 Large knobs that make for an easy to use the head. No need to take your eye away from the subject since the knobs are of different sizes you instinctively know which is which.  It does have a small leveling bubble but it is located on the top where the camera mounts making it almost useless.  The quick release functionally is ok and locks down using a two position switch to prevent your camera from falling off if you inadvertently hit the switch, the first pull loosens but requires you to hold down a lever and move the release further back to dismount the base.  This off-center head can allow you to position your camera at almost any angle, and from what I can tell will support the weight it claims.   I purchased it in the hopes of doing Micro Photography, It would have worked out but the CRAP quick release mounting rubber is junk.

I finally gave up using the Gitzo and bought an Acratech GP-S Ballhead as the replacement – Link Below

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