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Delkin Devices Sensor KIT Review

Delkin Devices Sensor KIT Review
TrueToad 5279

Delkin Devices Sensor KIT Review

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Best Accessory Ever

I broke down and ordered the Delkin Devices DDSS-SCOPE2 Complete Digital SLR Sensor Scope Cleaning System for $ 80.00. This Thursday afternoon it arrived via UPS, but prior to the arrival I took a quick tour of the many You Tube videos on cleaning DSLR sensors. I was confident and ready to tackle the problem. The kit arrived in a nice colorful package showing a picture of a digital camera with a view inside the camera’s sensor and had a nice flip lid with the many comments on how useful cleaning is. Once I admired the box, I tossed it to the side, and opened the plastic case the kit is DelkinSensorScopestored in. Everything is neatly stored in compartments and makes for keeping the kit organized and ready when needed. The company WARNS read the entire manual before attempting to clean the sensor, and I highly recommend the same. Speaking of the manual, a nice easy to read and follow manual is included that walks you through the process of using the kit to get the best possible results. The manual helps you maximize your kit by following a well thought out strategy for the cleaning process.

The Spots:
Occoquan Park

Inside the kit comes a battery pack and 4 supplied AA batteries, a tiny screw hold the door in place but is not really needed as it has plastic locks and once I got the door opened and batteries in I tossed the screw into the bin. The battery pack has a on/off switch with a "USB” style connector for the mini VAC which is included. You simply plug in the mini-vac, hit the power on on both devices and you have a handy vacuum to clean up the larger debris in and around the sensor. The VAC breaks down into the main body and has an attachable brush with bristles on one end. It is not recommended you use this on your camera sensor. It works well to pick off those particles that have fallen to the bottom. The VAC has a boost button and when it is on a bright LED light shines down toward your working end. Nice touch but you should be careful using it inside your camera – DON’T use the VAC on the sensor or mirror surface.

Also included is a Sensor Pen which has soft bristles on one end and a “polisher” on the other end that can be used to get in the tight corners. A nice supply of swabs and cleaning fluid is included as well, and this combo works very well, it cleaned up a blob of something off my sensor without leaving any residue or streaking. Most importantly I think is the actual sensor scope which is included to provide a visual way to actually see the dirt on your sensor. The scope comes equipped with rubber cups on both ends for storage and two watch style batteries to supply power to the bright white LED lights by use of an on off button. I had no problem using the scope to view inside my DSLR, it lights up the inside and allows end to end inspections with ease. The design of the scope allows it to drop right onto my lens mount and fits snug as I use it.

Today I cleaned by older D700 which was in pretty bad shape – it went from bad to good in only a few minutes. Once my nerve was settled I took on my newer DSLR with equal results.

Overall I am very pleases and this kit is well worth the $80.00 for anyone brave enough and gently handed enough to clean their own sensor, at some point in you DSLR life the sensor will need a cleaning and I can recommend this kit to clean and keep your camera shooting spot free!

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