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Creative Photography

Get Creative

Most photographers have an objective to their pictures, It could be they intend only to capture the action in a ball game, others may wish to capture the essence of the person in a Portrait setting.  Their picture will be the end product of a creative process that may have taken weeks, years, or a mere instant. In a broad sense, we as photographers have the ability using our camera and light to convey something others may have missed.  Be it color, texture, drama, or an isolated portion of something much larger that would have been lost to everyone. Some photographs stand on their own and need nothing more that a frame, others are enhanced by techniques from Photoshop to bring out the idea and turn a picture into a handmade unique object of art.  Here on this page you will find several creative examples, not as perfect example but just something of my creative beginning exploring what is possible.  This year I intend to explore more creative photography, and those images will be posted here..
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