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AVX Wireless - Sennheiser Review

Pro Sound at a Price

Sennheiser is a German based company who is well known for their high quality audio equipment. I have several microphones from Sennheiser and now this new digital wireless lavalier mic solution. 

So, what is a AVX system?  It is Sennheiser's newest wireless mic featuring a very small mic, transmitter and receiver - this system is digital operating on the 1.9 gigaherz frequency range. With a digital system you get the very best audio coming to your recorder all the while adding privacy via AES encryption. 

The AVX can be purchased in a number of configurations. At least three options are available, depending on how you count them. lavalier mic options, the default is the MEK2 or the MKE2 + if your in need of a hand held mic Sennheiser makes a package that includes an SKM AVX-835 handheld mic as well..

Quality: It is pure digital, no pops hiss or noise. Use the MEK2 AMD 835 microphones both are best in wireless class, with great coverage and sound quality.

Range: I have not experienced any drops at 40 feet and closer. There are videos showing 100+ feet. Range depends on the environment mostly.

Set Up: On initial setup you charge the devices then pair them: Pairing takes about 1 minute and they remain paired even between battery changes. This means you simply turn them on and use them for future uses.  Other  settings is an attenuator for volume, the AVX 835 has a mute switch. The set up is really quite simple, no manual to dig through - turn on and go.

Battery Life: Much to my surprise the xmitter runs about 8 hours, while the reciever runs for about 3 hours.  I suggest incorporating battery changes on the low side of the "expectations:.  Also, the charging system is normal USB and is built into each battery allowing depleted battery to come off and go to the charger while you keep recording using recharged batteries. No there are no AA or AAA type batteries adapters for this.  I recommend you purchase two spares each.

Durability:  These are solid. No worries about breaking plastic. Made for professional use.

In a Nutshell; The Sennheiser AVX wireless ME2 is an omni-directional condenser lavalier microphone that provides some very sharp and clean sound.  The ME2 is discreet and powerful and screws into the rechargeable AVX body pack, This set up provides you a convenient, and great-sounding option.  This combo provides you the Sennheiser SKM AVX-835 handheld microphone providing excellent  performance and dependability along with easy wireless operation. It has a very low handling noise and rugged construction the SKM AVX-835 is a dependable wireless hand held mic when shooting on-the-street interviews or doing a mic pass technique. The one great thins is the mics automatically matches your input sensitivity without you having to do any level adjustments onboard the camera or the microphone itself. Yes, it is that simple to get great audio, even on situations when a dedicated audio person just isn't available or affordable.  Now you can get GREAT audio with a simple dependable set up.

If I have not mentioned it the AVX receiver can be plugged direct into your XLR inputs and be rotated to accommodate other equipment, comes also with adapters for mounting on DSLR flash shoe.

Here are some facts you may want to know:

  • You can not have two mics running at the same time i.e, paired with the same receiver.
  • No need for a license - this operates at 1.9 gigahertz
  • This is digital and provides encryption.
  • It is XLR based with one 3.5mm to XLR adapter included.
  • Phantom power aware - turns on and off automatically (but is not powered by phantom power)
  • Smaller, compact and more rugged than previous versions.
  • Super fast set up - your ready to go in two minutes.

Bottom Line:  If you need a GOOD quality wireless mic system this is well worth your look and consideration; however these are expensive almost twice the cost over a similar brand. I consider this a must have if your into audio and need truly professional level results.

Note: the photos illustrate using the AVX with an Olympus LS100 - the LS100 is no part of the AVX wireless system.

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