Tuesday, September 19, 2017

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Reviews on digital imaging, Nikon Cameras, Canon Cameras, Macro, Micro, Telephoto and Super Telephoto lens and all things photo optics and equipment, such as the D5, D500 and D850. My ambition is to provide useful and solid photography tips and information with the best real world reviews of all the photographic gear and astronomy equipment - that I use.

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Nikon D800 Review and Opinion

Like for many people out in DSLR land the D800 is not my first DSLR rodeo. I have lots of prior experience using other DSLRs and a fleet of film cameras I used in the 20 + years in this wonderful hobby. Technology has impacted all of us in many ways, in almost every aspects of our lives, be it photography or stamp collecting technology introduce change, and what was great yesterday is a only footnote today selling for pennies on the dollar on ebay. Just prior to acquiring this Nikon D800 I had been using a Nikon D700 for a few years. Right out of the box, the Nikon D700 never gave me on minute of trouble, produces splendid photos, and still works like an artist photography tool in the right hands with images that are detailed and pleasing on the screen and in print.

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