Friday, September 22, 2017

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Nikon D810 the next edition Review Read more

Nikon D810 the next edition Review

Well here we are, as I said I was going to wait on the next BIG release from Nikon before I upgraded my D800. Nikon announced a D810 trade up program and for me it meant lots of benefits considering my recent lens purchases. Maybe this was Nikon’s ploy to move these new D810s faster.

Here I am with a new D810 and to tell you the truth, it looks almost indistinguishable to my older D810.  This D810 feels like home with the exception of a few new button changes everything is familiar, the grip is kind of narrower and deeper giving it a different feel in the hand, your mileage may vary depending on your hand. I wished the grip was more like the perfect D700 grip I once owned, the D700 was ergonomically fantastic in the hand. I have a collection of D800 batteries and they are all compatible with the D810 along with my MD-12 grip. When I fired the 810 up I began to notice the differences, all are very pleasant.

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