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Photo Storage Solution
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Photo Storage Solution

Mass Storage Solution

About a week ago, my main PC suffered an internal drive failure - which so happens to be were my most recent source images were stored along with some other important data. What did I say - I said oh well, I have my trusty external backup and other backups, which I could use to make a full recovery.  No worries! So, I ordered a new drive to go inside my main PC and upon arrival I was all set to install and recover from the LOCAL backup.   Then Things started to turn bad with the reality I and laziness I fell into over the last couple of years.

First, I realized my backups were spread across several external sources and not one had a full master copy, It was a puzzle to "remember" where all the bits were at. I had most of the files, but I was having trouble pulling everything together, and to realize my crashed drive was fried, which left me my local backup - So, technically I only needed to recover my local files. But then,

In my hast as I was opening my PC side compartment I needed to move the external drive out of the way, taking a short cut, I just moved the external over to the side.  I then then slide open the PC, I leaned the side cover against the wall,  then tilted the PC over slightly to get access to the bad drive, but at the same time I knocked over the cover with my elbow, which in turn knocked the external drive, down to the floor about 3 feet. Upon impact it made a weird noise, at this point I was like, this can not be happening but it did, i just dropped my only good backup to the floor.  

I went ahead and installed the new drive, formatted the drive, reapplied power to the external drive and of course - blinky blue light.  I tried and tried to access the drive but to no avail - in a last hope attempt I downloaded recovery software from the mfg. all recovery attempts failed. I turned the drive upside down and gave it another try - luck was with me, very slowly the recovery bar made it's way across the screen, I left the room and did a prayer.  The recovery did not finish and stopped at about 80%, with a failed report. At least now I could mount the drive and access almost all my photography files along with some of the most recent folders still on my desktop - I had recovered them.  Some files were lost, but not my images. Many lessons learned here.  

So, what did I do to future proof ?  I purchased a Synology DiskStation 2415+ with  a set of six 10 Terabytes of Pro NAS and six 10TB Surveillance drives, for a total of 12 10TB drives, and in a RAID setup you get about have the full volume size.  The SkyHawk is setup as two volumes to support continuous IP camera recording and a secondary backup of certain data from the main NAS which ensures I have 3 full copies of my most important data. While the IronWolfPros are setup to support the mass storage needs along with a wake on demand 20 terabyte of additional backups. I am covered.

What is my workflow and setup now:  The Mass Storage Synology DS2415+ is setup in a redundant raid configuration, My PC is still my main work area due to its local (now SDD) disk connection - real fast and the source for most of my files.  All data is backed up to the DS2415+ with secondary backups going to attached storage - back ups of backups now.   The only concern is a local hazard like a flood or fire.  I now sleep without worry about my data, but dream about a off-site solution for full protection - it is coming.

Learn More about This System:

Synology IronWolf Pro SkyHawk

So where do I store my long term archives - the offsite storage?: I keep a copy of my data on Amazon Glacier, low cost solution for protection of your data  - do it for your protection!  Stuff happens, be prepared.  I have 4 TB on glacier, and at night rest assured my data is recoverable - fires, floods, or or otherwise.

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Update on Setup:  I am very pleased with the ease which Synology has developed to make backups effortless.  This is beyond a basic NAS it is more like a full blown NAS system with many available applications.

Performance Boost:

  1. I used link aggeration to increase overall bandwidth, this particular unit supports 4 giga ethernet ports which can be bonded to form 2x. 
  2. I added a 256gb SDD as a Cache read, which speeds up the overall system, on a heavy backup load the cache shows about 100gb usage.


  1. In addition, I set up my IP Cameras with the Surveillance Station, although the software is free the license beyond the 2 free license, additional ones have a one-time cost, about 60.00 per, or you can buy them in bulk at a reduced cost. Surveillance Station is a very useful tool, featuring analysis, and motion detection.  With the analysis, you can set it to send emails when a package is dropped on your doorstep, or someone approaches for that matter. Also, features timeline video recording/playback..


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