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Best Wishes & Thank You!
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Best Wishes & Thank You!

About Me

Thank you for being a part of TrueToad - I appreciate and welcome you! and Like you, I enjoy photography with an inspiration that your take away from this visit is enjoyment, visual pleasure, knowledge, and inspiration. You owe nothing and I expect nothing in return - I offer my site as a free service to enjoy without annoyances, pop-up ads or malware. While my few banner ads hang around and are non-intrusive if you are so inclined they never impose any annoyances.

To ensure best security practices I employ two independent security providers to perform Information Assurance scans and verification of the TrueToad site every day, ensuring TrueToad remains spam, and malware free (SiteLock & McAfee Secure) and to the best of my ability, my content remains focused on you the photographer, not revenue. You may validate my site through McAfee - at the bottom of the pages.

About Me: My motivation for posting content on is not for revenue purposes or to "fame" myself.   I have a day job working as a professional on the east coast.  I established domain several years ago for the purpose of sharing my passion for photography with another enthusiast, and the beginner community.  In doing this, I specifically avoided Facebook, flicker, and other so-called free sites because what I found out is FREE comes at a cost; usually your privacy or forced embedded mandatory ADs.  Because I did not want to let ADs or other commercial non-sense dictate your enjoyment of the site. I host and manage my own web servers and control all aspects of managing the web technologies and content. This ensures I can fully control my site, preventing un-necessary “stuff” from getting in the way of simple navigation to a particular article, blog post, image, or review found on this site.  

I perform every bit of this work using my time and my dime, from the configuration of IIS web servers, the software, buying Information Assurance protection, the underlying infrastructure, and taking time to actually go out and use my photo equipment I own. Followed by me posting and writing each and every word on this site – bad grammar and all.  I do this for you! and of course, me, because photography is fun! that is why you are here in the first place.   I can easily share photos all the while you should have a pleasant experience no matter what device you use,  the site is for everyone,  no pop-ups, or other non-sense surprise videos that start at top volume that you don't want to watch in the first place.

In the internet of things – I try never to post negativity regardless of opinions and comments of others. I like playing fair and when I can I help promote others in their positive endeavors, I try! We are a common community who love photography, and when I see you out with your gear - we are family. I find nothing wrong with people who promote themselves and make money from the "commercial" side of photography, but when it becomes more important for themselves to be noticed and promoted this is when I block off their channel.

I am always in need of advice and counsel thus you can leave me anonymous comments using one of two methods. 

1. Each reveiw / blog has a  comments area – go for it.  

2. You may use the contact me page if you wish to reply,  either way, I receive all input, thanks in advance for taking time to visit and comment. 

Thank you for being a "right" brainer, we need more like us.

To send comments / Contact me.

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I live at the edge of the forest in semi-moist locations, I enjoy larva, and other delights. Although I am toothless and mostly warty, I am a sight to see.

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