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Real Time Aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Real Time Aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

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If you have been pulling your hair out trying to figure out why real-time aircraft is not appearing in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 then this may be for you.

Like many, I downloaded the simulation and setup my experience, and enabled Real-Time Aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 - but after several days of flying the sky was bare and lifeless. I tried unchecking and re-checking the box in General settings "traffic" but nothing changed.   I tried AI Aircraft and that worked but not real-life aircraft.

The issue is in your network settings at your router level you need to open ports.  I can only share my setting for users with a PC, below are the ports I opened to get live aircraft.

-- In particular, you need to open Ports 30100 - 30102. Below are my ports I opened for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020;

Ports for the Steam Edition:

Open Ports for Steam Edition

Open Ports for Steam Edition

Ports for the PC Edition:

Open Ports for PC Edition

Open Ports for PC Edition

If you need assistance on the technical procedure for your router use this link to find your router and port forwarding information:

I use a high-End Firewall "WatchGuard" so I set up two firewall policies to allow those ports and now I have real-time aircraft and also better framerates.

I hope my advice helps solve the missing live aircraft issue in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 - it did for me!

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