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GTA V Online - a broken game

GTA V Online - a broken game

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No longer a useful game

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GTA V Online - is a full-fledged BROKEN game due to the massive amounts of cheats.  Modders have taken control of almost every session/lobby you land in, and they run amok in GOD mode, ruining other GTA V Online player's gameplay.

Sure, GTA V Online has its gun battles and mission battles. When every player is on the same footing (Not Cheating), that is ok, but what fun is it when the other players are in GOD mode - the legit player has no chance of enjoying the game while the griefer is using god mode is in the session.  The modders even glitch the game, making it impossible to drop goods at points or even move sometimes.

At the very beginning in 2015, GTA V was a controversial game with its very adult content. Still, in the years since GTA V online came to the online community, it has spiraled downward into a Modders and Griefer's paradise. Those who cheat go unchallenged by Rockstar, and the legit player who tries to engage in activities/businesses are doomed to certain failure with no chance of success in trying to make any sales without being harassed by a modder.

The NON-online game "GTA V Story Mode" is still a good game and fun to play, why you ask - because you play that version of story mode alone. However, the ONLINE version is a full-fledged Rockstar mess, with Rockstar doing nothing to address modders who are indestructible and go after other players in the session.  If you try to join another session, it is not long before a Modder shows up and starts harassing other players and ruining their gameplay.

Let us compare Activision to Rockstar- Activision banned over 80,000 players for cheating - you are gone.  What has Rockstar done? Nothing. Rockstar does nothing to stop modders and cheating. Why? because cheating makes money for Rockstar.  DO NOT BUY or play ROCKSTAR games. GTA 5 Online is worse than Call of Duty as far as cheating goes - no longer a game but cheaters modded controlled game.

-- Stop playing Rockstar Games. Send Rockstar a message - clean up cheating or BYE.

What makes other modders think I want to participate in their GTA game?  Rockstar does not give a shit.  I log-on to enjoy my gameplay and never wish or desire to be harassed by modders who hide behind a mod that makes them GOD - indestructible or rain Submarines, or attach flags or call a 10K bounty every time you log on. Modders are the scum players - they are just pure stupid and highly annoying because they don't realize they ruin the GTA Platform for everyone.  Question: What if everyone was in  GOD Mode - how fun would that be?  Fore me - Perfect. but for the griefers or cheaters not so much.

2021 is the worst year for GTA V Online due to the very high rate of cheats and mods that players use - Rockstar has failed!. Rockstar gave the game away for free, but you paid $60.00 which now has a higher influx of modders and cheaters to deal with because it is FREE. - these free gamers have nothing to lose. Rockstar only wishes to deepen its pockets by introducing a game months before the next version follow up. Rockstar is not about your enjoyment it is about their profit $$.

 For one, I have stopped playing and will never buy another Rockstar game because Rockstar allows griefers and Modders full access to run amok.

Let me make it clear - If you like nothing more than accepting the fate of what Rockstar deals you in GTA V Online by allowing players to cheat, then, by all means, go for it: If you are into running your MC/Bunker businesses, you may wish to reconsider. Also, keep in mind, even if you wish to do the Player on Player battles - remember the other players may be modders and run in GOD mode = no fun for you.

--- If and when GTA VI comes out - If Rockstar has not addressed the biggest issues of players griefing and running mods, then that too will be a failed game.

To report cheating:  

-- Go to the URL above, use the search tool and find the username, then report and block

If you feel GTA V Online is failed - leave your comment below.

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Missy86 · 1/26/2021 10:31:51 AM

Very true - I too once like playing GTA V Online but not anymore due to exactly what you wrote about. It now is just too frustrating to play.

XXvTREE-3 · 1/26/2021 4:24:43 PM

I also stopped playing both GTA V Online and Red Dead II Online due to the same issues - griefers and modders who ruin gameplay.

TrueToad · 1/26/2021 4:27:38 PM

Thanks for your comments on your experience with GTA V Online.

33X_Yeti_33X · 2/6/2021 10:45:39 PM

Use to be a good game, but as you mention, I hesitate to play GTA V Online anymore. The game when to crap due to massive cheating and modders.

TrueToad · 2/6/2021 10:48:07 PM

Thanks, Yeti,

Modders and cheats have taken over GTA 5 Online and Rockstar does nothing.

You are replaying to

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