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I am not new to FSX by no stretch of the imagination, and had good memories of flying around in the sim.  Since this summer was mostly a bust for my outdoor activities i went onto Steam and downloaded the FSX Steam Edition and  fired up my favorite flight simulator, within a few hours I realized just how much I missed it and hated it :).  If you are a FSX  fan you know you spend many hours tweaking and trying to fix issues - nothing has changed with the Steam Edition. :)

The joys and pains of FSX and FSX Steam Edition with tons of 3rd party add-ons and aircraft now available it was worth some effort seeing just what all you can get into the simulator.  So, this page will be dedicated to Flight Simulator, reviews, news, facts, theories, and just about everything related to the simulator overall.

Scenery Add -ons from ORBX,  Aifrcraft from Aeresoft, Flight1, Carenado, and others like Alabeo. 

So, stop in and give this section a check out in the week to come.

The image is my DA 42 Twin Star outside of Auckland NZ, doing a loop around the hot air balloons - Beautiful!

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