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Where Is Nikon's Flash Support for Z cameras?

Where Is Nikon's Flash Support for Z cameras?

Where Is Nikon's Flash Support for Z cameras?

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The Missing Link


Let me cut to the chase - Nikon's Flagship Speedlight/Flash is not fully supported on the Nikon Z7 II,  the SB-5000., and not listed on Nikon's website as such. As you know the SB-5000 is Nikon's flagship flash costing nearly $600.00. The other Nikon Speedlights are only partially supported such as the SB-910, SB-700, SB-300, the SB-910 is no longer listed on NikonUSA. In fact, if you go to the NikonUSA website and choose the Nikon Z7 II camera and select other/compatible the only flash listed is an SB-700 which I find to be very odd since the SB-700 is older than the SB5000.

Don't panic - You can use a Nikon CLS flash on your Nikon Z mirrorless cameras but you will need to make your adjustments on the flash and not in the Camera Menu that the Z7 II offers. Not really a big deal since most Flash/strobe photographers already do this. One major concern is the low light AutoFocus Assist your Speedlight offers except does not work.

AutoFocus Assist:  Autofocus Assist in all the Nikon Flashes does not work with Z cameras. That's because it uses low visibility red patterns to throw on subjects, and the Z system autofocus sensors are sensitive to blue light, not red.

All this being said your best bet is to use NIKON Speedlights and press Nikon to release updated Speedlights that are fully supported on the Nikon Z mirrorless cameras and not just partially supported as the current Speedlights are.

So my big question is: Where are the Fully Supported Nikon Speedlights and when can we expect to see them.  I learned the hard way about the lack of full compatibility when my Nikon R1C1 started giving me incorrect exposures - either overexposed or underexposed.


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