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The Morning Commute
TrueToad 4448

The Morning Commute


I did not go to work today - instead, I got up and took this photograph of those on their journey in life.

This image is the result of planning a 4 am drive to a site, and having seen this beautiful structure which trains cross.  My thought was to capture a morning train in the early dawn of the morning. 

I arrived at 05:30 and set up my D7200 and lens on a tripod and did a few test exposures, to capture the train's motion I needed a f/stop of f/8 which pushed my shutter down to 1/10 sec which I believe was used for this photo.

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Photographer's Notes

To get up and carry your equipment to a site and wait on the morning sunrise is amazing.

Camera Body
  • Nikon D7200


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