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Improve Focus for a Nikon Z6 or Z7 Camera

Higher Keep Rates For Sports and Wildlife

Improve Focus For a Nikon Z6 or Z7 Camera: When I first reviewed my new Nikon Z7 and Nikon Z6 mirrorless camera two years ago I was somewhat critical of the focus performance in an otherwise excellent camera. Now after 2 years, and several firmware updates I am much happier with my Nikon Z mirrorless cameras for sports and wildlife photography. Why? It starts with understanding Nikon's Focusing system and applying settings for your photography needs.

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Nikon Z7 for Landscape Photography

Mirrorless Revolution

Nikon Z7 For Landscape Photography: I used my Nikon Z7 for a few days of Landscape Photography - It was an amazing experience using the Nikon Z7. Overall it is an excellent camera better suited for landscaped than the mighty D850 - everything you need in a small, portable, lightweight, high-resolution mirrorless camera for your landscape needs.

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Goodbye So Long

Fickle YouTube Channels

We all have experienced this - we run across the YouTube Photography Channels that change camera brands like underwear?

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Dragonfly Photography in the Summer

Dragonfly Macro photography

Dragonfly Photography in the Summer: I was chilling out this Saturday not motivated to do anything other than clear up some backlog on this site.  The weather was going to be hot, humid, and miserable and I had no inclination to go anywhere.  Then I started to browse around and ran across a few Dragonfly images and realized I just don’t have enough!

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Flower Photography

Beautiful Details

I have a couple photographic weakness, Birds and Flowers.  Whenever I am out doing some photography shooting regardless what my intentions are, if i run across a great looking flower I stop and take a photo or try to incorporate the flower into my scene. The great thing about flower photography is you really dont need any specialized equipment.  I have even taken flower photos with a fish eye lens. I you want to discover more about flower photography read on...

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Nikon Z7 & Z6 One Year Later

Still in Love

Nikon Z7 & Nikon Z6 One Year Later: Well, it has been well over a year of using both the Nikon Z7 and Z6 and I wanted to share my experience with others who might be considering moving to a Nikon Z mirrorless or fellow users of the Nikon Z camera.

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Nikon 24mm f/1.8 S Lens

Is It Worth It

Nikon has announced yet another S lens in their line-up, the Nikkor 24mm f/1.8 S lens.  The big question I receive is is it worth the price or should I wait for the f/1.4S lens?

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On The Trail With a Nikon 400mm

Keep the pace

I had the opportunity during my vacation to explore the Nikkor 400mm out in the field over the course of two weeks in various weather conditions from hot, rainy, humid to dusty.  This lens delivers on all fronts an exceptional experience and performance with a price tag to match.

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Nikon Z System

The Future

Are you ready for the future of photography? I know I am, and being a Nikon user for many years I have high confidence the Z mirrorless system will be the system, and here is why I think that.  Read on...

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Ultra Wide Angle Lens Fisheye

Nikkor Fisheye & Sigma Fisheye

Are you considering a super wide angle lens or possibly a fish-eye lens for your photography bag?  In this article I will cover information you may find useful for making a decision to purchase a super wide lens. We will dive into the awe inspiring wide angle lens, the super wide.  Making a decision may be overwhelming which lens to invest your money into.

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Summer Macro Photography

Easy Does It

Going outdoors with your Macro Setup in the heat of summer can challenge even the most serious macro enthusiast. Here are some tips to help you survive and enjoy the hobby during hot humid summer months.

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Joy of Summer

Summer Fun Photography

Summer is a wonderful time of year, birds are well established and most have raised at least one brood of chicks who by now have fledged and are now part of the echo system. During this time of year we endure the heat and humidity but also the emergence of beautiful summer flowers.

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Copy Data Between Two Synology NAS

The Easy Method

Copy Data Between Two Synology NAS using RSYNC - Recently I had a failing drive in my primary Synology NAS. While I have a redundant system I did not want to take any chances of trying to replace the failing hard drive without a full backup of the data.  This is the easiest method to copy folders over to another Synology NAS.

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Macro equipment and Techniques

Best bet for success

Making an investment in close up photography can be a rewarding aspect of this amazing hobby.  Seeking the advice and guidance from those who have blazed the trail before provides you with in sight for making the right choices. Unless you live in the Nikon world, Macro is what most people refer to when describing close up photography.  Nikon calls it Micro, in this article and others I will simply call it close up or macro photography.

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