The Best of Humans

The Best of Humans
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The Best of Humans

Saving One Seal at a time

Volunteers are dedicated to helping our seals from the entrapments of man-made products.  Your heart will melt into mush when you watch these volunteers do God's work...

Why is this happening?

The release of our man-made discarded netting and other rubbish will eventually find its way into the Sea Creatures' domain choking the life from their souls in many instances. Volunteers rush to save many seals who sometimes calm down and understand what is happening when the torturous netting is cut from their throats.

These seals are scared, tired, and frustrated with the man-made material around their necks, body, and mouth, Some demonstrate a very painful entanglement that has been on the animal for some time which is represented by their deep wounds.  All are relieved when their man-made burden is removed.

Humans need to do better, be responsible, respectful of their throwaways, and respect all life on this planet.

Some of the content in these videos may be disturbing to some viewers.

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