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The Cat
TrueToad / Friday, May 15, 2015 / Categories: Digital Art

The Cat

Our Cat

While outdoors at the end of summer our cat came out to watch me take some macro shots, so I decided to take his photo which I later used as a reference photo for his portraiture.   Teeny is a great cat and is very vocal with big yellow eyes.  He has a very calm personality and gets along with the other cat which is much older.  Our neighbors dogs came by one day and while Teeny was in our fenced in back yard the dog was barking at our cat and not on a lease and eventually stuck his nose through the fence - wrong move.  Our cat shredded the dogs face and that was the last time the owner let her dogs over by our fence..
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I live at the edge of the forest in semi-moist locations, I enjoy larva, and other delights. Although I am toothless and mostly warty, I am a sight to see.

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