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Favorite YouTube Channels

Photo Tube

Let me set something straight! I love watching all these channels, each channel is a great resource and fun to watch: Why no 10 when they are all great, I am just waiting for the game changer- you know room at the top.

Here are my opinions about various Photography “Focused” YouTube Channels. Credit goes to everyone mentioned below!

Ratting Scale - 1 - 10

DigitalRev TV – Rating Unknown stars  - Channel URL: Not listed 
DigitalRev took a change late 2016 and  I dont recommend it any longer.

Jared Polin’s FroKnownsPhoto Channel – Rating 7 stars Channel URL:
I discovered Jared's YouTube Channel a few years back while looking for information on a 70-200 zoom and at that time Jared was working for Allen’s Camera Photo store - thus had access to various equipment  and did several un-boxing's.  In Jared's more recent postings the videos are now better produced both visually and audio..  Jared’s channel features mostly on-premise reviews and opinions with a section called RawTalk.  Jared’s style is mostly  to the point and if he finds some disagreeable aspect he explains why he feels that way – most often with compelling reasons for his thinking.  Jared has many popular video postings so you will find a mix of useful content on this site if your looking for a good second opinion.  The RawTalk videos is more like a pod cast similar to a radio broadcast from an indoor studio with Todd, Jared and normally a third person who sits away from the main table – probably due to the camera positions to isolate each speaker.  RawTalk  can go off the rails at times and get a bit tedious if your sitting through the entire segment. The problem with RawTak is it is a bit too long normally and meanders during the course of the show, one could minimize as I do and just listen to get the same benefit, because the format is modeled after a “radio” broadcast. It is entertaining in its own right.  If your willing to sit through the entire hour+ you may pick up some tidbits you may not have known before starting the journey.  I recommend you visit the Fro and get to know photos!

Matt Granger Channel – Rating 8 stars Channel URL:
Matt Granger was originally posting as “That Nikon Guy” but later changed to his channel name for better promotion of his photography rather that be branded Nikon. So lets discuss the Channel, I really like Matts style, models, locations, and demeanor. Matt projects as a non-biased source of useful photography knowledge geared toward actually showing how to do better photography with some simple techniques. Tina being the better known model and now co-host for the Inside The Photographers Studio is a wonderful down to earth person who just happens to be attractive. What I like best about the channel is the interactions between Matt and those he is working with coupled with his keen sense on how to convey a point so everyone can grasp and understand. The Channel has some very useful reviews, and opinions about gear both old and cutting edge. It is nice to see a no-nonsense channel with real people and useful content. Throughout the year I find myself visiting this YouTube channel to catch up on some new techniques from down under, and Matt’s latest reviews.  Matt also has a store for advancing your photography – check it out.

TheCameraStoreTV Channel – Rating 7.5 stars Channel URL:
The host of the channel is based out of Canada so you may guess in the winter months less outdoor locations- but the content still rocks! The channel has mostly good content with reviews that are appealing but are biased to mirrorless side of things, and nothing wrong  the mirrorless users!  That said, if your a mirrorless fan this channel may be more appealing to you than some of the other DSLR only channels. Like some channels they offer some not so serious content like one of the most unique and funny photo related video is this one "shoot outs" Overall this channel has good content and offer solid insight on photography products, Eey!

This brings me to a bigger question would any of these sites above exist if they were to do all this without monetary compensation?  Some of the better sits are those who do it because they want to not because of  money.

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