Sigma 180 Macro Lens Review Read more

Sigma 180 Macro Lens Review

This week I bring to you a full two years of the Sigma 180mm Macro lens. Is it a solid lens and worth the price? Does it deliver as a medium telephoto? Can you use this lens as your go to portraiture lens. Over the course of two years now, I will give you my opinion and a few Macro shots.

Macro Photography Best Lens Read more

Macro Photography Best Lens

I spent a few hours outdoors enjoying my macro photography and I hope you enjoy and find inspiration in the images I captured. What do I use for my Macro setup and why?  read on...

Lichen Read more


While out hiking a couple years ago my interest in fungal growth started to peak when I began to run across what I thought were a few simple mushrooms scattered about. As I made my way further down the trail, I spotter more and more of various mushrooms everywhere.  I knew I was on to something.  Why were there so many and what do mushrooms provide or their purpose.  I spent several months photographing every mushroom I ran across - It was fascinating. 

Nikon R1C1 Close-up System Review Read more

Nikon R1C1 Close-up System Review

Time for macro Photography & I am ready to get out and shoot.
In the early days, one of my least favorite aspect of photography was flash, simply because I sucked at it, and normally got mixed results when I tried using it. Since discovering Nikon's Creative Lighting System (CLS) my Macro has improved.

On the trail 200mm f/4 Macro Lens Read more

On the trail 200mm f/4 Macro Lens

Selecting and using a particular Nikkor Micro / Macro lens is subjective but mostly necessary for what you have in mind.  On this shoot I was out to capture some insects and flowers so I wanted a longer working distance between me and the subject. I enjoy using my wireless flash set-up for my Macro photographs.  Getting close to the "life"   makes for some very interesting subjects.
Backyard Macro Photography Read more

Backyard Macro Photography

Need a different photography challenge or tired of walking, driving for miles looking for something interesting to photograph?  Why not give macro photography a try. Macro photography does not have to be expensive or even need the latest equipment to acquire good results.  A decent DSLR, and macro lens is your basic starter kit.  In fact you probably already have almost everything you need.

Macro equipment Read more

Macro equipment

Making an investment in close up photography can be a rewarding aspect of this amazing hobby.  Seeking the advice and guidance from those who have blazed the trail before provides you with in sight for making the right choices. Unless you live in the Nikon world, Macro is what most people refer to when describing close up photography.  Nikon calls it Micro, in this article and others I will simply call it close up or macro photography.

Eight Eyed Wonder Read more

Eight Eyed Wonder

Not too many people out there who appreciate the spider and what they offer us in return.  Most seem repulsed by the look of something with this many eyes and legs.  I have a fascination with the spider and respect them when I am out in the wild. Sorry, I had to move this article and in the process lost some of the excellent spider images, this is what happens when you switch hosting providers. But, check back now that summer is here!  I am oiling up the spider macro for some slick photos...


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