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Rest in Peace Easter
SuperUser Account / Sunday, September 11, 2016 / Categories: The Blog

Rest in Peace Easter

We love you!

Facts about Easter:   

Arrived in our home April 11 2004, Passed on Sept 11 2016

His name was given to him on that Easter Sunday Day when our family was blessed to receive him into our home from a last chance animal shelter, His age was believed to be at that time around 7 years.  Arriving with an eye infection, timid disposition, fear of handling, and poor health we took him in and began his recovery over many years.  Although, never fully recovered from his fear of  handling until his senior years, and only then allowed one member of our family the privilege of  holding him close =  who also took Easter in baby stroller rides around the house - Easter was tolerant and loving.

First days at home:  When Easter first arrived into his new home, he immediately hide and for 3 days was not seen, slowly and surely he came out and started to explore, adapting himself  to new spacious quarters - after a few spotty trial and mishaps Easter discovered where everything was and found a new playmate, our daughter -  all was well.

Finding Himself:  Easter took about 3 years to let go of  his shelter life past and start to relax like a cat, even after the third year he was still very timid and scared of sudden movements or noise.  Eventually - years later he was ok.

The Overnighters We never knew exactly what Easter's first 6 years of  life was like, but we soon found out he had a love for roaming away from the house if given the chance and although "taken care of" we felt distressed when he disappeared on his un-announced outtings.  On several occasions, he would simply hop the fence and not be seen again for a day - maybe it was that other feline who came around meowing at the back door, which tempted him.  When the situation was right such as, if the front door was left open to bring in groceries Easter would disappear like the grey ghost, we  would later spot him walking the sidewalks.  Easter did love the outdoors and took opportunities to explore at every chance he had - he always came home and we never had to go look for him.

Disposition: To say the least was to say Easter avoided most situations that would place him in a situation of getting angry or viloent, even after the introduction of a second younger cat named Teeny - Easter was very tolerant, stood his ground in the cat world, shared his food and water dish with the new cat inhabitant and never had a third squabble between them, things were settled, and Teeny looked up to Easter as his elder.  Easter was tolerant of the entire family and never laid claw or teeth to anyone out of malice. 

Later Life:  Easter was a lover of life and although starting to have health issues he kept a positive approach to things around the home, always making a point to acknowledge each individual, right up to the end  - In the mornings he was there to walk you down the stairs, and again in the afternoon to greet you from a hard days work or school, Easter would lay by your side until any hour of day or night as you wished - he was a loyal friend and family member. Although not fond of being handled he did become tolerate as his more senior years approached.

Easter's Companion Cat:  Teeny was a young cat when introduced into our home late in Easters life, Easter made time to play and enjoy Teeny's company in the years that followed, both growing older together. In Easter's passing  it is obvious Teeny misses Easter, and we will give Teeny more attention during his grief in the upcoming days.

Favorite Time of Year: Easter had a love for Christmas. and cherished the opportunity to lay under the Christmas tree each and every year as it went up, taking note that he never broke one ornament while he was with us.. He injected himself in he excitement as we un-wrapped presents, stepping lightly between the balled up discarded paper, and happy to receive his cat-nip while lay watching everyone enjoy the celebration of Christmas Day. Christmas was Easter's time of year, and he loved being around our family as a group enjoying the calm non-hectic environment during this time of year brings.  In hind sight it is almost ironic considering that he arrived on Easter and loved Christmas, he was special.

The Final Days: Everyone in our family knew our Easter was slipping fast into diminishing health but hesitant to acknowledge the rapid decline.  By September, Easter was having serious mobility challenges and kept mainly to the second level, hanging out by the food and water dish, eager to ask for his special treats every time a family member came into the kitchen- by the look in Easters eyes he knew his time was near, as we all did.  

Rest in Peace: May your passing bring karma to our family and peace in your journey of life, laid to rest on this day of September 11, 2016, at a site chosen to welcome your morning Sun - Out of the ground, we were taken for the dust we are, and to the dust we shall return.

We love Easter and miss him.


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Photographer's Notes

During Easters Life with us he was elusive to the camera lens and never liked standing center stage of situations.

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