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Macro Photography Best Lens 27 August 2017

Macro Photography Best Lens

My setup and gear

I spent a few hours outdoors enjoying my macro photography and I hope you enjoy and find inspiration in the images I captured. What do I use for my Macro setup and why?  read on...

Potomac Sunrise 14 January 2017

Potomac Sunrise

Wide Shot Early Morning

This is my early sunrise overlooking the Potomac. This photo was a result of taking 4 images and merge both the exposure and panographic ends together to form a single photo.  

The Morning Commute 14 January 2017

The Morning Commute


I enjoy the early morning sun rise in hopes of capturing one good image. My modest setup was a Nikon D7200, great camera.

Joy of Bird Photography 12 November 2016

Joy of Bird Photography

Techniques for Bird Photography

How many times have you either wanted to take bird photos or tried and was disappointed in the results? My guess if you are like me you have had a few false starts and missed opportunities.  Although bird photography is extremely rewarding it is also extremely challenging when out in the field.  You need to be the master of the equipment you use, and knowledgeable of the birds themselves.  Lets cover a few things that will increase your productivity. 

Flowering Tree of Summer 13 June 2016

Flowering Tree of Summer

Beautiful Colors

When you are able to go out carry along your camera, then take a few minutes to look around, you will find nature is beautiful. The colors, texture, sounds, and smell came rushing in.   Today as I walked through an area I  spotted a blush of color that caught my eye in the distance, a flowering tree so, I took a moment to capture a few images of the  plants and life happening around me my photographic reward captured.

DX vs FX Crop Sensor 4 May 2016

DX vs FX Crop Sensor

Which is right for you

Crop Sensor Cameras (DX) vs Full Frame (FX) Cameras, what are the considerations and is the full frame better than a crop sensor camera?  Many of you, like me during the transition to digital cameras had questions or was confused with all the hype, fiction, & rumors on this topic.  In this article, we will dive into crop vs non crop sensor cameras. This article applies in concept to most camera brands. zThank You For Reading..

Ultra Wide Angle Lens Fisheye 10 April 2016

Ultra Wide Angle Lens Fisheye

Nikkor Fisheye & Sigma Fisheye

Are you considering a super wide angle lens or possibly a fish-eye lens for your photography bag?  In this article I will cover information you may find useful for making a decision to purchase a super wide lens. We will dive into the awe inspiring wide angle lens, the super wide.  Making a decision may be overwhelming which lens to invest your money into.

12 March 2016

Polarizing Filters

Yes No - Maybe So

We sometimes hear the argument about the use of polarizing filters - some swear by them others bash them. Here is my 2 cents on the subject.

Bird and Wildlife Photography 7 March 2016

Bird and Wildlife Photography

Lighting & Technique

I enjoy outdoor wildlife and bird photography and is one aspect of photography that makes it all worthwhile - the enjoyment of going out in nature to enjoy.  When I go out I sometimes set a goal to acquire a few "good" photos, be it for personal use or posting to your blog or simply bragging rights. As every photographer knows, you don't  always come home with your objectives, but you will come home more knowledgeable than before.

Wild Life Photography 16 November 2015

Wild Life Photography

Stalking - TIps and Tricks

Here are some of my basic tips on achieving better results in your wildlife photography.  Disclaimer: I am not an expert, but have many mistakes and bad images, and like the fish story - you should have seen the one that got away! hopefully you can learn from my shortfalls.
Summer of the Hummer 5 September 2015

Summer of the Hummer

Hummingbirds migration

As summer draws to an end I sometimes am saddened by the fact that it is going to be over soon and with many species of birds who are just temporary visitors are now making their way back to warmer climates. It's with these last few days I find myself fascinated by the smallest of the bird species very energetic and splendid hummingbird, magnificent to watch sometimes very difficult to photograph, this year I have managed to capture a few images of one of my favorite birds the Hummer.
On The Trail With a Nikon 300mm f/4 9 July 2015

On The Trail With a Nikon 300mm f/4

Phase Frensel

Its been a full two weeks and I now have been able to get out on the trail with this jewel of a lens - the Nikkor 300mm f/4 Phase Fresnel lens. A better 200mm in every way.  This week I take this   lens out on a spin through the wild and put it to the test in the outdoor environment

Nature Photography 31 May 2015

Nature Photography

Out in the weeds

Do you love photography? I sure do, it takes me to another place that is beyond the daily grind and stress. Behind the camera you forget everything and become focused and aware of your environment and the creatures in it. This weekend I took the opportunity to stop everything in my life and step behind the camera lens.  This is my story.

Backyard Macro Photography 16 May 2015

Backyard Macro Photography

Life in the grass

Need a different photography challenge or tired of walking, driving for miles looking for something interesting to photograph?  Why not give macro photography a try. Macro photography does not have to be expensive or even need the latest equipment to acquire good results.  A decent DSLR, and macro lens is your basic starter kit.  In fact you probably already have almost everything you need.

Capture NX-2 So Long Old Friend 27 September 2014

Capture NX-2 So Long Old Friend

NX2 no raw updates

Nikon's long time editing flag ship is starting to become yesterdays news with the release of the newer Nikon Cameras. Nikon no longer adding RAW support for NX 2 so those newer cameras like the D810 raw image files can no longer be opened in Capture NX 2. So, it is a matter of time before NX 2 is nothing more than a memory.


Flowers 24 July 2012


You eyes and nose knows

The endearing flower what would life be like without them?  Have you ever been out walking and looked down and spotted a wonderful flower growing either in a clump or by itself? Two questions and I bet you have a response to both. I like flowers, they are just wonderful, cheerful plants. 

Passing Storms 13 July 2012

Passing Storms

Low rumble in the distance

June 2012 ended in a hot and stormy way knocking out power to 2.7 million on the East Coast with some residents without power for a week. I managed to capture the sounds of one storm passing on that night as I used a battery powered flashlight to find myway to the door, sticking out my microphone in hopes of "thunder"!


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